Superior Rehabilitation & Professional Services

SRPS is a rehabilitation company that provides long-term professional staffing solutions and consulting services to clients in virtually all settings that utilize therapists.

Welcome to the Superior Rehabilitation and Professional Services (SRPS)

SRPS is a rehabilitation company that provides long-term professional staffing services to virtually all settings in the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan. SRPS provides these services to clients who normally need less than full-time staffing, are located in areas where there is limited availability, or prefer contracting staff to hiring direct.

Most of these contracts are perpetual, with only occasional adjustments in staffing levels based on need. SRPS is also a partner in the Active Physical Therapy clinics located in western Marquette County. Active was named ‘Business of the Year’ by the local chamber of commerce in 2014.

SRPS is now providing on online tool for independent contractors looking for benefits the opportunity to become employees by entering their needs (pay rate, health insurance, retirement, etc.) which generates a rate to that SRPS would charge to their current / future clients.  In addition, for small employers who want to provide a comprehensive benefit plan without the hassle, SRPS provides the option of employing their staff and contracting back with a minor administrative fee above cost using a similar online tool for an estimate.

Talented Team

SRPS is locally owned and operated, and based in Marquette, Michigan with over 35 therapists on staff as of January, 2015. The company philosophy is to provide quality services at reasonable pricing to create long-lasting relationships with our clients and stability for our staff.

SRPS was formed in 2012, but has roots dating back to 1991 when partner Dave Aro became administrator for a therapy staffing company that was later sold to a hospital system. Partner Wendi Thomas became the office manager in 2008 for that company, and partner and physical therapist Kristin Wodzinski was the rehabilitation manager for the same hospital system. The management and staff of that company started SRPS together in August of 2012

Kristin Wodzinski Andreae
David Aro
Wendi Thomas

SRPS strives to be a community asset – a number of clients we work for would provide limited or no rehabilitation services if not for our company, and we do all we can to make sure they not only have quality staffing but can do so at a reasonable cost. SRPS assists other clients by providing administrative / payroll oversight so those clients can provide comprehensive benefit packages to compete with larger employers. Additionally, SRPS works with non-profit partners whenever possible to meet community needs, and currently leads a collaborative partnership with the Marquette County YMCA, Northern Michigan University along with a host of schools and funding sources to provide a summer speech therapy program covering most of the central Upper Peninsula.