Employment Comparison Tool

Thank you for checking out our Employment Comparison Tool!  Our goal is to create a win-win situation for everyone involved in this process.

For Business Owners, the relationship with SRPS makes their job a lot easier and less time consuming.  No more dealing with payrolls or payroll services.  No more worrying about quarterly taxes.  Spend more time with patients or on leisure activities while SRPS takes care of your human resources concerns.  SRPS will make your clinic competitive with larger entities around you by providing comparable benefit packages, helping you recruit and retain staff.  These are still your staff, we are simply helping you provide more for them while taking away some of the headaches of owning your own business.  Additionally, SRPS has a bench as well to help with maternity or other medical leaves.   The ‘For Employers’ tool below will allow you to simply put in your current employees hourly rates and desired benefits.  We can even add yourself or support staff so you don’t have to worry about any payroll.  The final number provided can be compared to what your current payroll costs are, and remember to add in any cost to process payrolls or are related to benefit management.  That is all included!

For independent contractors and their clients, working through SRPS provides stability and peace of mind.  For the therapist, not having to deal with a 1099, taxes, professional liability insurance and other headaches while gaining the ability to have health insurance, a tax-deferred matched retirement plan along with life and disability insurance make life a lot simpler.  The client also can rest assured that there are no potential IRS issues, as we pay FICA and other government taxes that are sometimes part of an audit if the relationship doesn’t meet the independent contractor tests as well as worker’s compensation and other insurance liabilities.  To determine if you would like more information, it’s as simple as clicking the ‘For Individuals’ button below and taking less than 5 minutes to go through the comparison tool.

After you complete the tool, you can contact us or we can follow-up with you if there are any questions or you would like to take the next step, which is a more in-depth conversation to make sure that we are a good fit to work together.  Our goal is to create a long-term relationship with you that is based on trust, excellent communication and is mutually beneficial.

Are you interested but would like more information before using the Employee Comparison Tool? Please feel free to contact us or call the office at 906-401-0040.