For Individual Employees

SRPS can take all the hassle away of being an independent contractor yet still provide you with the flexibility to work where and when you want as long as you meet the hour requirements for some programs.  Being an independent contractor has some pluses but the minuses include dealing with all taxes, conforming with the Affordable Care Act in respect to health insurance, lack of affordable benefits like a retirement plan, long-term disability, worker’s compensation, professional liability protection and more.  The tool below allows you to set your wage, add the benefits you would like to have and then it will automatically calculate all the other costs along with a modest management fee.  You know the clients you have better than anyone, and what they would tolerate for a rate to keep you.  If you feel that you can receive a fair wage and the benefits you need to go with it at the rate quoted below – it is worth a call to our office to see if we are a fit for you.

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Current Salary

Full-time or Part-time?

Life and long term disability?

Simple IRA

    A total of $ payroll for employee, an average of $ per hour per employee.

    This is an estimate based on the data provided, and does not constitute a contract. This is merely a tool that provides the prospective client with a reasonable estimate to compare to current costs. If the estimate is favorable, a more complete analysis would be completed to provide an exact cost.